Something for every need.

Our clients are hiring companies with continues needs of consultants. As we challenge the traditional solutions and the analogue way of doing business we offer a flexible business model. Use the tool to empower collaborations with preferred suppliers and or combine the tool with our One stop service agreement*. No matter the solution you always hire and manage consultants straight from the source, without cost-driving intermediaries.

One stop service agreement: Vakanta as a consolidating counterpart for initiated collaborations to minimize invoice, contract- and supplier administration.


For business units or teams with limited needs
2990SEKPer month


For busniess units or teams with extended needs
5990SEKPer month


Custom set-up for organizations with extensive needs

Everything you need in one place.

Hiring a lot of people can get messy. A lot of information gets spread out in peoples mailboxes and spreadsheets. With user-friendly workflows we make it easy to find, hire and manage consultants. All in one place.

So how much does it cost?

Something for everyone.

Organize your consultant situation.

Looking for a more cost-efficient and structured way of dealing with your consultants?

Some of the companies we helped so far