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Winning the occasional contract is great. But adopting the language and processes of big customers is key to becoming a preferred supplier.

Vakanta’s main focus isn’t assignments. It’s relationships.

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Step into the inner circle

Vakanta’s customers send requests to suppliers belonging to one of three groups: their preferred suppliers, their entire private network of Vakanta suppliers – or all suppliers connected to Vakanta.

You get inside, then work yourself further in.

Keep your earnings

Vakanta offers a vendor-neutral VMS, and we don’t subscribe to the broker ethos. When you work through Vakanta, you don’t pay an arm and a leg. If we take any cut at all, it’s like a credit card fee.

Perfectly acceptable.

Work with any company

Are you a small contractor? Don’t let your cash flow needs get in the way of work with large customers. Vakanta facilitates payment terms that put even the biggest corporations within your reach.

Ready for the next level?

Spread your fame

Once you’re in a customer’s Vakanta network, you’re not only known to a particular hiring manager at a particular department. You’re known to the entire organisation. And that makes you a consideration for a whole range of future needs.

Care for a steady flow of work at a large company?

Become a silent achiever

Hiring managers love that Vakanta lets them get off the phone and back to work. And no supplier query is ever forgotten – everything is right there on their VMS dashboard.

You can drop the sales calls and sharpen your proposals.

Protect your relationships

Vakanta is all about creating, streamlining and protecting relationships. Time reports are approved as you go. Invoices are pre-approved before sent. Managers are notified of expiring contracts in plenty of time.

Zero friction. Maximum efficiency.

Read your customers

Vakanta supports hiring managers in writing consistent and highly detailed requests. You’ll quickly learn what matters most to different companies.

Establish rapport and win the contracts.

Speak for yourself

Vakanta facilitates a uniform and efficient digital workflow. But there are no barriers to communication. You’re always free to negotiate directly with your customers.

Get connected

  • Make yourself known to everyone
  • Become a preferred supplier
  • Protect your margins