Know the payment

Receive standardised invoices, streamline attestations and use flexible payments for specialised contractors.

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Pay less attention to payments

With Vakanta’s digitised workflow, you can forget the time-wasting invoicing challenges and focus on work

Pay at the right time

Highly specialised (and sought-after) consultants and freelancers sometimes require faster payment than large agencies – and this may conflict with your internal policies. Vakanta offers flexible payment options, enabling you to hire anyone you want for your project.  Email reminders and optional self-billing ensure that you’ll never miss an invoice.

Pay the right amount

Avoid misunderstandings and incorrect payments. With Vakanta’s attestation workflow, you’ll only pay invoices once fully approved.

Pay the simple way

With Vakanta, every invoice looks the same, featuring your standard terms and conditions. No surprises. The only question is whether you want one invoice per supplier – or one invoice for all your suppliers.

Streamline your payments

  • Automated attestations
  • Flexible payment options
  • Standardised invoices