Know the talent

Target the right suppliers with the right requests, secure the best rate – and play it GDPR-safe.

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Make the right request

Intuitive request forms and AI candidate-matching ensure that you’ll appeal to the right talent. We’ll also provide personal support to perfect your requests.

Target the right suppliers

Select who should receive your request – handpicked vendors, preferred suppliers or all matching suppliers across the Vakanta network. You’re in full control.

Interview the right candidates

You’ll see all proposals in one view, so you can quickly shortlist candidates. And you can always communicate directly with the suppliers. Simply jump on the Vakanta chat, email or get on the phone.

Negotiate the right rate

Vakanta gives you a powerful tool for negotiations. Bids are listed from low to high and benchmarked against average and median rates, making it easy to nurture competition between candidates.

Do the right thing

No more misplaced CVs or accidental breaches of company standards and procedures. Vakanta makes it easy to comply with GDPR and internal policies.

Find the right talent

  • Intuitive request forms
  • Powerful benchmarking
  • GDPR-safe