Know the status

Access real-time data on all consultants and stay in control of all required actions.

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Monitor all consultants

No more siloed information and outdated spreadsheets. You’ll have real-time data on all consultants across your organisation – whether they were sourced through Vakanta or not. View active contracts divided by department, project owner, type and supplier. You’ll always know who is working where and why.

View all time reports

Avoid disputes over logged time and invoices. Vakanta automates the attestation process, ensuring that all relevant managers provide their approval before you sign off on a timesheet.

Control all required actions

Never miss an expiring contract, invoice or other important to-dos. Vakanta will send you email reminders of anything you need to do to manage your contingent workforce.

Seize control

  • Real-time data
  • Organisation-wide overview
  • Automated to-do reminders