Know the market

Consolidate all vendors, create preferred suppliers and standardise your communications.

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Consolidate all vendors

Add all your existing consultants and invite new suppliers to your Vakanta network. It doesn’t cost them anything, and it keeps all your key contacts safe and accessible. All information is owned by your organisation – not individual managers – so you’ll never lose important supplier relationships when staff leave.

Map all competencies

Always know where to find different competencies. Sort suppliers by industry, profession, expertise and geographical area.

List all preferred suppliers

Create a list of preferred suppliers, highlight important framework agreements and control what suppliers are visible to what managers. Vakanta makes it easy to steer talent acquisition to preferred suppliers.

Standardise all communications

Your professional relationships get stronger when everyone speaks the same language. With Vakanta, your organisation presents a united front to suppliers. Everyone knows what data to provide and when – nothing is lost in translation.

Put all focus on projects

Vakanta puts both your managers and suppliers at ease. Your managers know they’ll have ready access to talent when the need arises. And your suppliers know they won’t miss any requests – so they won’t be calling just to remind you of their existence. 

Everyone can focus on getting things done!

Get organised

  • Consolidate all suppliers
  • Promote preferred suppliers
  • Digitise your workflows