About us

We develop and streamline business relations between purchasers and suppliers of consultancy services.

With our value-generating SaaS solution, we create a better and more cost-effective consultancy request process, for both buyers and sellers.

Digitalization creates opportunities

We were surprised that the opportunities of digitalization were not being used by those that understand it best: the buyers and suppliers of IT consultancy services. The consultancy purchasing process was, simply put, outdated and inefficient. Therefore, we developed a completely new platform for management of consultancy requests.

Streamlined contact between buyer and seller

Vakanta’s SaaS solution is developed primarily for companies with a need for consultants. The solution provides them access to affiliated consultant suppliers, whether these are consultancy firms, brokers or staffing agencies. Vakanta unites buyers with sellers efficiently, transparently and systematically.

Fast, easy and reliable

Our vision is to create fast, easy and reliable deals between consultancy purchasers and consultancy suppliers, regardless of industry or market.

Understanding the needs of the consultancy market

Everyone at Vakanta has long experience of the consultancy market. The foundation for the development of our services is that we have a deep understanding for the needs of both buyers and sellers of consultancy services.