Know your
contingent workforce

All the suppliers. One digital workflow. Vakanta makes it easy to find, hire, manage and analyse your contingent workforce.

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Know the market

Consolidate all vendors, access over 1,400 independent agencies and consultants, and steer business to your preferred suppliers.

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Know the talent

Use AI-matching to target the right supplier
with the right request, benchmark rates and
negotiate directly with any vendor.

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Know the process

Keep tabs on GDPR compliance, contracts,
time-reporting and invoicing. Vakanta
makes everyday logistics quick and easy.

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Know the results

Analyse your contingent workforce through real-time and historical data on vendors, costs and outcomes.

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The best talent
at the best rate

Vakanta enables you to hire the very best talent for your project, whether you find them inside or outside of our huge network of independent consultants and agencies. We facilitate mutually attractive contracts – even between highly specialised freelancers and heavily regulated companies and corporations. And by nurturing competition among all your candidates, we give you a powerful tool for negotiations.

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Digitise your workflows

Standardise the hiring and contract-signing process. Automate personal onboarding. Shorten time to productivity. Vakanta puts the focus squarely on your project.

Know your costs

Enjoy complete control of hourly rates, time-reporting, individual performance, expiring contracts and project outcomes. Add your existing suppliers to Vakanta, and you’ll bring it all into one view.

Stay secure and compliant

Vakanta offers a secure platform where you and your colleagues can review CVs and share information on active consultants and projects. Everyone stays fully informed – without risking any breaches of GDPR.

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Vakanta makes it easy to find, hire, manage and analyse your contingent workforce.

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