Organizing the world of consultants.

The platform for teams and organizations with consulting needs. Find, hire and manage consultants with everything you need gathered in one place.

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Faster processes, 5-10% lower consultant costs, and 100% control.

Vakanta are for teams and organizations with recurring needs for consultants. Compare the range of expertise and hourly rates before you hire, handle ongoing consulting contracts and pay only after an approved invoice basis. Everything in one place.

Reduce supplier administration.

We bring speed in process into collaborations and contract management when you have multiple counterparts.

Compare. Hire. Done.

Access your own network of suppliers and benchmark candidate presentations to find the competence you need. Why pay more than you should?

Yes please.

Monitor all contracts, hourly rates with all data in one place. And yes. With Vakanta you comply with GDPR.

Everything you need in one place.

Hiring a lot of people can get messy. A lot of information gets spread out in peoples mailboxes and spreadsheets. With user-friendly workflows we make it easy to find, hire and manage consultants. All in one place.

So how much does it cost?

Something for everyone.

Organize your consultant situation.

Looking for a more cost-efficient and structured way of dealing with your consultants?

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