Vakanta safeguards competitive edge with new CEO, Niklas Fehrm

Winning Deloitte’s award for the second-fastest growing tech company in Sweden for two consecutive years. Then ranked fastest-growing IT company in Europe by Financial Times in 2024. 

Vakanta’s product-first approach is paying large dividends.

The time to scale has arrived.

With a view to return to his focus on product, Vakanta co-founder and current CEO, Johan Hanson, is therefore handing over the reins to Niklas Fehrm.

Niklas, who has worked in parallel with Johan since August 2023, most recently comes from Scrive, a leading global provider of electronic signature and identification solutions. As CRO of Scrive, he scaled the company from a few to over 200 employees, setting up five new markets and achieving a 60-fold growth of ARR.

“Vakanta have plenty of common denominators with Scrive”, comments Niklas. “Serving the BFSI sector, Scrive have to adhere to exacting standards for compliance, security, user efficiency and data quality, and Vakanta reflects these, too. Vakanta is critical to many aspects of business success, especially given the current trends toward Total Talent Management, skills-based hiring, increased competition for talent, GDPR and the new 24-month hiring law. In this environment, it’s imperative to pilot our rapid growth very carefully”.

Business experience, strategic prowess and goal-kicking are not the only reasons Vakanta sought out Niklas Fehrm, however.

Explains Håkan Nyberg, Chairman of the Board, “digitalisation, ultimately, is about matching the right tech with the right user behaviours. It’s about understanding humans, and Niklas brings some really unique skills in this regard. With a background in elite sports, coaching and behavioural science, he’s all about winning—but he also appreciates that’s it’s a team effort. Niklas knows how to bring people together to work as one. His grit, focus and sheer energy are a perfect fit for the collaborative culture here at Vakanta, and I can’t wait to see where he takes us next.”

Niklas Fehrm is taking over as Vakanta CEO effective 13 May 2024, with Johan returning to his core passion as Head of Product.

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