Quick guide for suppliers

Vakanta is a digital workflow used by hiring companies to find, hire, manage and pay suppliers of consultancy services. As a supplier, you’re a direct counterpart to the hiring companies, with all communication managed through Vakanta.

For general user support, please email support@vakanta.com

This is an abbreviated version of the full user manual, which you can access by clicking your user icon in Vakanta.

Navigation menu

Vakanta is easy to navigate. Everything is accessible via the navigation menu column on the left, which features the following areas:

  1. Dashboard
    Here you find an overview of your current status in Vakanta as well as a list of user tasks.
  2. Requests
    Here you find all data on requests from hiring managers, including information on any presented candidates.
  3. Assignments
    Here you find all data on individual current and historical assignments.
  4. Timesheets
    Here you find data on timesheets related to assignments.
  5. Expenses
    Here you find data on expenses related to assignments.
  6. Invoices
    Here you find all data on individual invoices, including timesheets and expenses.
  7. Network
    Here you find data on hiring companies that have added you to their supplier networks.
  8. Resources
    Here you find data on all the resources that you have presented in Vakanta.
  9. Analytics
    Here you find consolidated data and statistics on client collaborations.
  10. Settings
    Here you find all controls for customising your company and user account.

Getting started

Whether you were invited to Vakanta by a hiring company or are registering an account on your own, make sure to present as much relevant data about your services and resources as possible. The information you enter here will be exposed to hiring companies.

  1. Check your company profile
    Go to Settings and check the details for your personal account and company profile.
  2. Create users
    In settings, create users and set their privileges: Normal or Admin. Please note that, to be able to collaborate, users need to have the Admin privilege.
  3. Present candidates
    You will be automatically notified by email when a hiring company has sent a request to you. To view existing requests and present candidates, go to Requests.
  4. Confirm assignments
    You will be automatically notified by email when a hiring company awards an assignment to one of your individual resources. To confirm acceptance of such assignments, go to Assignments.
  5. Manage timesheets and expenses
    You may invite resources to manage their own timesheets and expenses. No commercial details are exposed to resources here, and all timesheets and expenses have to be approved by you as the supplier. To manage timesheets, go to Timesheets. To manage expenses, go to Expenses.
  6. Manage invoices
    Invoices are automatically generated and sent to the hiring companies when the associated timesheets and expenses have been approved by you as the supplier. Upon approval by the hiring company, all invoice documentation is automatically generated and payments are made as per agreed terms. You do not have to send any invoices to the hiring company or Vakanta. Everything is managed via a self-billing process?
  7. Manage extensions
    You will be automatically notified by email when a hiring company wishes to extend a contract. To manage and approve extension contracts, go to Assignments.