CEO Samir Mohsen shifts focus to board—co-founder Johan Hanson new CEO

After nearly ten years with Vakanta, co-founder and CEO Samir Mohsen is now wrapping his operative work and will henceforth focus on developing Vakanta as a board member. Co-founder Johan Hanson is taking over as Vakanta’s CEO.

Samir has been instrumental to the rapid growth of Vakanta, both in terms of technical capabilities and customer relationships. Vakanta was conceived when today’s external workforces were still on the horizon, and our system has been developed in close co-operation with some of Sweden’s most discerning hiring companies. This has given Samir deep insights into the needs of buyers—a wealth of knowledge, the value of which has become increasingly apparent to the industry.

As CEO and much-appreciated liaison to hiring companies and suppliers, Samir has over the past five years seen Vakanta take home Deloitte’s award for second-fastest growing tech company in Sweden for two consecutive years, expand our business across two more continents and forge close strategic partnerships.

Comments Håkan Nyberg, Chairman of the Board, ”on behalf of all of us here at Vakanta—and I know that I also speak for the many friends Samir has made with customers and suppliers—I’d like to thank Samir for everything he has done in operations at Vakanta. We wish him all the best for the future and look forward to strengthening our board with his expert knowledge.”

Says Samir “it’s always been a dream of mine to test my wings and build a company from the ground up. Vakanta made this dream come true, and I’m immensely grateful and proud of the journey we’ve undertaken together. It’s been challenging, fun and incredibly rewarding to create our product and develop close customer relationships. And, of course, as a major shareholder and member of the board I will continue to support Vakanta’s growth journey.”

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