Requests and follow-up in the same solution

Vakanta’s SaaS solution provides fast and easy access to the consultants best suited for your needs. You can easily create secure and uniform routines for purchasing of consultancy services.

Purchasing consultancy has never been easier

Publishing requests

Define the profile description and choose suppliers for your requests. All parties get a notice regarding your consultancy needs.


A selection of candidate presentations from the various suppliers, including prices, is presented as an overview. Manage the selection process with simple commands: decline with feedback, conduct discussions and book interviews.


Sign contracts with the selected consultants and gather your assignment contracts in Vakanta’s solution. When a request is closed, information is sent to all recipients. The consultant profile is automatically stored on your consultant list and is available for future needs.

Reach over 350 consultant firms with the press of a button

With Vakanta’s solution you get access to over 350 suppliers of consultancy services, such as consultancy firms, staffing agencies and consultancy brokers in IT/Tech, Finance and Management, when you publish your query.

Extend your reach

You can easily create your own lists of suppliers so that your existing business relationships are selected by default in your network, or you can publish your consultancy requests so that you reach new suppliers. With Vakanta’s solution, you get easy access to the consultants best suited for your needs.

Create your own competence network

You can also invite freelancers to your network, which only you will have access to, thus supplementing your competence network.

Keep track of your consultancy projects

With Vakanta’s user-friendly interface, you can in an easy, structured way get an overview of all your hired consultants.

A notice will be sent to you when a contract is nearing its term. This can be a reminder to extend or end the consultancy assignment.

All your data, such as past requests, consultancy purchases made, hired consultants etc., are compiled for you in Vakanta’s solution. The information can be easily exported to Excel for further management.

Statistics make follow-up easier for enterprises

All your activities generate data, such as prognoses for future consultancy purchases, accrued consultancy costs and use of Vakanta’s solution throughout the organisation. This makes it easy for the manager in charge to follow up on routines and costs.

Each month, reports are generated with information on all current requests, hired consultants and ongoing collaborations.

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