Slagkryssaren AB


Kort om Slagkryssaren:

Who we are:
Highly competent software development specialists with special strengths in mobile platforms, back-end, cloud computing, artificial neural network technologies, integration, connected devices (IoT) and software architecture.

What we do:
We help our clients getting the results they need on time and on budget.
We pride ourselves with being up to date with the most recent or coming technological developments and a team of excellent developers.

What our clients like about us:
We are often praised for the quality of our work, the speed of delivery and the quality of our advice. Our clients like the way we integrate in their teams, our attention to detail and sense of ownership and interest of their products and projects.

Sample of languages and platforms we work with:
Android, iOS, Xamarin, Unity, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Erlang, Multiple dialects of both SQL and NoSQL, JavaScript, Node.js, jQuery, Angular.js, React, Backbone.js, Ember.js

Work categories

  • Affärsanalytiker
  • Business Intelligence
  • Designer
  • Drift och support
  • Helpdesk
  • Infrastruktur och nätverk
  • IT
  • IT-säkerhet
  • Krav analys
  • Metodik
  • Produktägare
  • Program ansvarig
  • Programmering/utveckling
  • Projektledare
  • SEO
  • Systemarkitekt
  • Systemförvaltning
  • Test
  • Testansvarig
  • UX & UI designer/AD
  • Web-analys
  • Webbdesign


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111 39 Stockholm