Prototyp Stockholm AB


Prototyp is a code lab building digital products for businesses wanting to break new ground.

For us prototypes are a method, not a delivery, as prototyping is the best way to find a path in the uncertain future that is business problems.

With a prototype-based methodology we have been able to create one of the world's first V.R.-apps back in the days, deliver an A.R. solution that took us to MIT and the board room of one of the worlds biggest companies, mount Arduinos in a fleet of automatic gardening equipment and pioneering voice controlled apps.

Clients come to Prototyp when they have a certain type of challenge. When they need to put their testable product faster on the market. Or when they simply want to try out the latest technology out there to see how it can benefit their business.

We help you build the stuff that has never been done.

Work categories

  • Affärsanalytiker
  • Business Intelligence
  • Designer
  • Drift och support
  • Helpdesk
  • Infrastruktur och nätverk
  • IT
  • IT-säkerhet
  • Krav analys
  • Produktägare
  • Program ansvarig
  • Projektledare
  • SEO
  • Systemarkitekt
  • Systemförvaltning
  • Test
  • Testansvarig
  • UX & UI designer/AD
  • Web-analys
  • Webbdesign