LuunaX AB


LuunaX is a Swedish IT Consulting and Development Company, founded in 2017 and Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Company Provides skilled IT Professionals for the Swedish Market with a focus on Software Development. As all LuunaX developers are senior professionals, they will be productive contributors to your business from the start and continue to bring value throughout the project.

LuunaX Consultants have;

Senior Software Development skills, minimum 5 – 10 years experience
Extensive experience from working in multicultural and international environments
Exposure to a large number of industries and solutions
Flexibility and focus, adapting well to your environment

Work categories

  • IT
  • Krav analys
  • Produktägare
  • Programmering/utveckling
  • Projektledare


  • Västra Götalands län
Fabriksgatan 7, 3 tr
41250 Göteborg