Iceberry AB


Iceberry AB is a privately held consulting company founded in 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden. We have an office in central Stockholm and through our partners in Gliwice and Opole, Poland, as well as in London, UK and in Fornebu, Norway. Together, we are around 700 highly skilled experts.

Our passion and commitment is to deliver true high-end consultancy in every step of the way, offering services within Information Technology, Software R&D, Interim Management and Outsourcing.
Our organization is streamlined with highly committed top managers and consultants with many years of consultancy experience in a wide range of areas and services. We believe in long-term solutions with open and transparent communication, making sure everyone is fully satisfied after final implementation. In this way, we create close partnerships with our clients, build continuous trust among our staff and secure a strong brand in our business.

We are ready to deliver our services all over the world but focus primarily on the Nordic market. Our main goal is to be our clients’ most trustful and long-term preferred partner as well as our current and future employees’ top choice employer.
Listening to and understanding our employees’ needs, are just as important as our clients’ requirements and satisfaction. Our product is our staff and no better than their state of mind every single day.
We are here to serve and we accept nothing less than perfect.

Work categories

  • Administration
  • Affärsanalytiker
  • Analys
  • Assistent
  • Automation
  • Back office
  • Beräkning och simulering
  • Business Intelligence
  • Bygg/anläggning
  • Controlling
  • Designer
  • Dokumentation
  • Drift och support
  • Ekonomi
  • Elkraft
  • Energi och miljö
  • Event
  • Finans
  • Grafik och design
  • Helpdesk
  • HR
  • HR/Inköp/Juridik
  • Industridesign
  • Information och kommunikation
  • Infrastruktur och nätverk
  • Inkasso
  • Inköp
  • Installation
  • IT
  • IT-säkerhet
  • Juridik
  • Kontor och administration
  • Koordinator
  • Krav analys
  • Kundservice
  • Kundvård
  • Kvalitetssäkring, provning och validering
  • Lager
  • Lager och logistik
  • Läkare
  • Logistik
  • Lön
  • Management
  • Mark
  • Marknadsföring
  • Maskiner
  • Media och produktion
  • Mekanikkonstruktion
  • Metodik
  • Mjukvaruutveckling och test
  • Personal
  • PR
  • Process- och produktionsteknik
  • Produktägare
  • Produktion
  • Program ansvarig
  • Programmering/utveckling
  • Projektledare
  • Psykolog
  • Rådgivning
  • Reception och telefoni
  • Redovisning och revision
  • Reklam
  • Rekrytering
  • Risk och rådgivning
  • Robotteknik
  • SEO
  • Sjuksköterska
  • Skatt
  • Sociala medier
  • Socionom
  • Spedition
  • Systemarkitekt
  • Systemförvaltning
  • Teknik och industri
  • Teknisk support
  • Test
  • Testansvarig
  • Trä/betong
  • UX & UI designer/AD
  • Vård/omsorg
  • Web-analys
  • Webbdesign
Vasagatan 7
111 20 Stockholm