House of Test Consulting AB


House of Test consulting is not your common staffing company or resource provider. Our consulting focuses on contributing as much on a strategic level as on the project deliverables. House of Test can offer a complete range of testing services, but we always make sure that our customers feel that working with House of Test means value both for the current project, and for future ones.

House of Test offers competence-based consulting services in terms of shorter assignments and part time assignments such as mentoring, coaching, assessments, and reorganization. We are also able to take on longer, full time contracts, either assigned to teams or with us as project leads.

Work categories

  • Affärsanalytiker
  • Automation
  • Beräkning och simulering
  • Business Intelligence
  • Dokumentation
  • Drift och support
  • Elkraft
  • Energi och miljö
  • Finans
  • Helpdesk
  • HR
  • Industridesign
  • Infrastruktur och nätverk
  • IT
  • IT-säkerhet
  • Kvalitetssäkring, provning och validering
  • Management
  • Mekanikkonstruktion
  • Mjukvaruutveckling och test
  • Process- och produktionsteknik
  • Programmering/utveckling
  • Projektledare
  • Robotteknik
  • Systemarkitekt
  • Systemförvaltning
  • Teknik och industri
  • Test
  • UX & UI designer/AD
  • Webbdesign


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