Cicero Management Ltd


Cicero Management is an international boutique management consulting firm supporting clients in achieving significant results from Business Transformation initiatives.

Our successes are built on our ability to analyze and quantify Business Transformation opportunities within your business, whilst creating enthusiasm and drive for change in your organisation in the process.

We uniquely combine bespoke experience based Change Management tools and techniques with deep knowledge about world class processes and performance across industries and geographies to design and implement effective Business Transformation interventions for your business.

Our broad perspective across a wide range of industries and countries ensures that we understand your business characteristics, industry challenges and cultural environment.

We support our clients by providing management consulting services within Digital Transformation, Operational Excellence, Change Management, Asset Management and Business Transformation.

Work categories

  • Affärsanalytiker
  • Automation
  • Beräkning och simulering
  • Bygg/anläggning
  • Dokumentation
  • Elkraft
  • Energi och miljö
  • Finans
  • HR
  • Industridesign
  • Infrastruktur och nätverk
  • Installation
  • IT
  • Kvalitetssäkring, provning och validering
  • Lager
  • Lager och logistik
  • Logistik
  • Management
  • Mark
  • Maskiner
  • Mekanikkonstruktion
  • Mjukvaruutveckling och test
  • Process- och produktionsteknik
  • Produktion
  • Projektledare
  • Robotteknik
  • Spedition
  • Teknik och industri
  • Trä/betong


  • Blekinge län
  • Dalarnas län
  • Gävleborgs län
  • Gotlands län
  • Hallands län
  • Jämtlands län
  • Jönköpings län
  • Kalmar län
  • Kronobergs län
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