For suppliers

Through the use of Vakanta’s SaaS solution, you get an exclusive marketing channel for your consultants toward active, reliable buyers of consultancy services.

As a supplier of consultancy services (consultancy firm, broker, staffing agency or freelance consultant), you get requests straight from the purchasing company, without intermediaries.

More efficient business relations

All communication relating to requests, consultant presentations and hired consultants are handled through Vakanta’s solution. The solution facilitates more efficient workflows and closer business relationships with your customers.

Become an easy choice

As a user of Vakanta’s solution, your company will be available and searchable for companies looking to hire consultants. The consultancy buyers can add you to their own supplier lists. In these cases, you will always have access to their requests.

Extend your network

Vakanta’s Pro account clients also get access to requests from new consultancy buyers. In this way, you can increase your collaborations and build new client relationships.


This is our pricing for agencies of consulting services





990 SEK/month


1990 SEK/month
Users 1 5 5
Exposed in Vakantas supplier network
Get invited by clients and become part of the clients supplier list
Receive unlimited requests from clients added to your supplier list
Get access to all assignments published at Vakanta Marketplace


Additional user - 195 SEK/month 295 SEK/month

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